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"The best opportunities are experienced when you are able to share your life experiences with other people".

I grew up in Perth, Western Australia where my life revolved around baseball. I played at the highest level achievable in the state, but the reality of pursuing baseball to a higher level in Perth was limited, at least I thought it was. So, I decided to move to Sydney. I played a couple of seasons in Sydney, both in the winter and summer leagues, also trying my hand in the acting along-side baseball. In 2002, I decided on a working holiday to the USA to open my scope even further.

For 2 summer camp seasons in 2002 and 2003 respectively I taught baseball & other activities as a camp cousellor at Winona Camps for Boys in Maine. Whilst travelling in America, I was lucky enough to be able to attend professioanl tryouts and even a college in Boston. In all this, I looked at my playing ability & talent for baseball retrospectively and continued on. An opportunity to play for a Division 1 College came to me but NCAA rules restricted me from attending & playing. I was also nursing ongoing shoulder pain and as such I had to make a decision to call it quits on a professional career in baseball! As much as it hurt, I decided to head in another direction, reluctantly returning home to Australia in December of 2003. I had never felt so much pain and anguish for something that really showed me no love at all. For years I dreamed and trained myself as a professional athlete, but that all had to change. What I ventured into with baseball made me realise that with my determination and passion, I could accomplish anything, and that was knowing when it was my time to quit. Baseball will always be there.

In 2004, I played around with career ideas including taking up acting. I attended casting seminars which I found to be a comprehensive waste of time. But in acting, I did find what I was looking for. That drive and passion I had in baseball I felt come back to me. I wanted to get involved in acting more. I met my girlfriend Annalisa at a casting workshop and deciding to help her with her company ACT (Actors Coming Together). ACT was a drop in workshop initiative for actors in Perth. I found a personal breakthrough. I joined up with the acting class (which was being held at the Fremantle TV Institute) & opportunities in short films with the FTI students was also another great perk.

In 2005, Annalisa and I decided to take our acting bug further & so went on a working hoiliday to the USA (Los Angeles) chasing answers & to find out about the acting life in Hollywood. The trip turned into 12 months at which we returned to Oz with a new found love for the craft and our pockets a little lighter. The next few of years I spent emersing myself in the acting work, to build up a portfolio of solid work.

In 2007, I was involved in various projects including a lead role in a Volvo sponsored TVC for the Asthma Foundation called 'CHASE'. The film was directed by Marc Furmie and was a major confidence booster for me I must say. It was definitely an excellent stepping stone I needed in acting. Following this project, 2008 became a year of self development, and in 2009, I took a big chance as an Executive Producer, financing and playing one of the leads in my own short film with Annalisa. The film is ‘DENOUEMENT’. A short film of about 20 minutes about a young man who loses everything taking him on a journey of revenge to put things right. In December we "signed on the dotted line" and by mid March of 2009, we commenced filming. This was it, no turning back now. We both played the lead roles in the film project, adding a solid support cast including Barry Williams, Leonine Smith & Tiarnie Coupland. At full tilt, our film was submitted to festivals worlwide where Denouement garnered some prestigious awards in Los Angeles, including BEST DRAMA, BEST SOUNDTRACK, an HONORARY award for film achievement, BEST INTERNATIONAL FILM & an ACCOLADE for ACHIEVEMENT. An amazing result for a duo who relied on gut instinct and raw talent. Our efforts were testament to our dedication we had for acting. We endeavoured to make our first film a success, to create our own work to which it absolutely deserved the success presented. Denouement is a great short film and really came out with some distinct nods of approval at all festivals entered. You can visit the website and watch Denouement here.

Since Denouement, my resume keeps filling up with quality and fun projects including BEHIND MANSION WALLS & DEADLY WOMEN (USA), CROWNIES (ABC), HOME & AWAY (Network 7), REDFERN NOW (ABC). In 2012, a great opportunity come my way playing a Policeman in Baz Luhrmann's blockbuster, THE GREAT GATSBY which was released mid 2013. I have also taken on producing, a leg of filmmaking that makes this whole process very intriguing and worthwhile. My company is called Ellish Productions. We have faith our venture will propagate into the industry in time, developing new projects that have riveting, solid core story lines.

Right now, Ellish Productions are working with award winning writer Jennifer Harrison on their first feature film, REVELATIONS. The film will be a trilogy; with the 1st film screenplay finished and the 2nd & 3rd screenplays being worked on right now, it will sure be a fantastic story. Elliott and Annalisa are also working with acclaimed writer/director Peter Foldy on some projects, and more will come soon.

As well as acting, my great passions are Baseball, Golf, Sculpture and Painting as well as the world famous Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb. Here are some images that bring back many fantastic memories. We must cherrish where we came from and remember that these were times that helped define who you are today. Enjoy!