:: Australasian College Broadway -- A video for the Australasian College Broadway I did a while back. Enjoy.


:: Daily Telegraph 30s ExtraExtra TVC -- Below is the 30 second TVC spot I did late last year. I enjoyed it, hanging on the train with all those great people.


:: SYDNEY (October 2014) -- HERE is a 30 second spot for News Ltd Sydney Daily Telegraph that has just been released.

:: SYDNEY (April 2014) -- Played a small part in the TV series "Australia: The Story of Us". It will be released next year on the Seven Network. What a great time with such a great crew and cast.

:: SYDNEY (January 2014) -- With Corporate Deities in to it's couple dozen drafts now, we have successfully locked in important crew and cast already. This is a big test and a big risk for us. Big things are expected out of this project. We will see it through to the end.

:: SYDNEY (May 2013) -- Annalisa and I have started developing a TV series dramedy called "Corporate Deities". This will be a first time script for me with the story coming from Annalisa. More to come.

:: SYDNEY (September 2012) -- I appeared in the latest McDonald's TVC campaign and is currently on air.

:: SYDNEY (August 2012) -- Harvey Norman and Samsung are campaigning the new Samsung Smartphone Galaxy SIII. I will be one of the featured leads in the commercial and you should be able to see it on air now.

:: SYDNEY (August 2012) -- I will be playing a photographer (a small role) in the upcoming indigenous ABC TV drama series "Redfern Now". Directed by Rachel Perkins (Bran Nue Dae-2009), it will be released later this year. Keep an eye out for it. More info click here

:: SYDNEY (July 2012) -- Another role in the hit TV series Deadly Women.

:: SYDNEY (March 2012) -- I played the role of Harlan C. Lewis in the Deadly Women series of LYDIA TRUEBLOOD. Deadly Women is now in their 6th season.

:: SYDNEY (March 2012) -- Quite a few new roads have opened up in recent months having to overcome a few major hurdles thrown into the mix. A new brand in ELLISH PRODUCTIONS P/L has been born. We are developing 5 film and tv projects, 1 being their first full length feature film called REVELATIONS.

:: SYDNEY (February 2012) -- Another year gone and already into February. Wow!! Have been busy though. Look out for me on a TVC for ALDI Supermarkets. "Hot, Hot, Hot" is the name of it. Much on the horizon you ask, well yes. Ellish Productions is official. Click Here for the website. You can also join us on Facebook and keep up with what is going on. To begin with, we'll be working on some projects we have been developing over the past couple of years. Hopefully, for one of them, it will be the big one that sees the light of day.

:: SYDNEY (November 2011) -- "The Great Gatsby" will be filming here in Australia as we all know, but I scored a small role playing a Police Officer. When you experience working with such a highly professional production, you wonder why you would put up with anything less.

:: SYDNEY (September 2011) -- My company is now "Ellish Productions". We are currently writing several projects. I appeared on "Crownies" as a seasoned attorney Stuart Duncan, and on "Home & Away" as Senior Constable Sam Langsford on the Seven Network, episode to go to air TBA 2012.

:: SYDNEY (February 2011) -- I've been working on some small projects here and there including another 'Deadly Women' epsiode and 'Behind Mansion Walls'. September 2010 saw the birth of Elliott's first baby, a boy. Now being February, there is acting work on the horizon. I have taken on a writing and producing with long time girlfriend, Annalisa. The project, yet to be titled, will be our first 2 hour feature length film. It is in development at present with a script on the way.

:: SYDNEY (Mar - June 2010) -- To date, I have auditioned & booked a few great gigs including Druglords for the Nine Network, AMP corporate, Toughnuts for the CI Network, "Mad Men" TV Promo for the Movie Networks & the Deadly Women series on FOX which is coming up soon. It has been a busy, very interesting soul searching educational time over the last few months and definitely a life changing time as I am expecting a baby in September. Life couldn't be any better than what it is right now. More acting gigs hopefully coming up and more news coming soon.

:: SYDNEY (April 2010) -- We have won yet another film award for Denouement at the Honolulu Film Festival. It is the Aloha Accolade Award for Film Achievement. It has been a very interesting return on the film with these awards and we feel very lucky and appreciative for the responses we have received from the festivals. Small achievements are always the best. The film was completed over a year ago already and we miss every part of being involved. Hope we can get something else in the works soon.

:: SYDNEY (February 2010) -- I have new representation with Gina Stoj Management. For more details, please click here.

:: SYDNEY (September 09) -- Denouement has taken home the award for 'INTERNATIONAL FILM ACHIEVEMENT' at the SoCal Film Festival in California. Upon a successful opening to the festival, the film has been honored with another award. This is a huge blessing, adding to the success Denouement has already garnered. Congratulations to all involved once again. More info on SoCal, <Click Here>

:: SYDNEY (September 09) -- 'Denouement to open SoCal Independent Film Festival' - With SoCal's Film Festival opening in mid September, Denouement has been chosen out of all films submitted & selected to open festivities on 14th September. This is a huge honor knowing that any major festival would want to open strong. More info on SoCal's Festival, <Click Here>

:: SYDNEY (August 09) -- Big NEWS!!! Denouement has taken home 3 big awards at the West Hollywood International Film Festival in Los Angeles including BEST DRAMA, BEST SOUNDTRACK & an HONORABLE MENTION for Peter Kirk. This is absolutely fantastic news for the cast and crew, especially Elliott & Annalisa for creating a great performance!!!


:: SYDNEY (August 09) -- NEWS FLASH!! Denouement has been Officially Selected at the SoCal Independent Film Festival in September.

:: SYDNEY (July 09) -- NEWS FLASH!! Denouement has made the Official Selection cut at the West Hollywood Int'l Film Festival. The festival is held in West Hollywood, CA from the 5th - 8th August. Elliott and Annalisa will be attending to support the film and the festival. Our film is scheduled in for Saturday, 8th August at 3:15pm. The venue is TBA. Great news for the production to be seen on the festival circuit stage, especially overseas in the USA. For more info on the festival click <here>.

:: SYDNEY (June 09) -- With film festival submissions on going, our film is now complete with the animation side of the edit now finalised. There are a couple of pictures below for you to see.


:: SYDNEY (May 09) -- Our short film "Denouement" is now complete. You can view the teaser trailer of the film <here>. Due to rules for festival submission, the film cannot be telecast to the public until after the festival submissions are over. Enjoy the teaser for now and check back for updates on Denouement's progression at the festivals.


:: SYDNEY (March 09) -- My short film Denouement is now in post-production with the film set to be completed by the 1st week of April. A launch for the film will be held in Sydney on 30th April. Production stills can be viewed <here>.

:: SYDNEY (March 09) -- Filming begins this week for Elliott's and Annalisa's short film titled "Denouement". The film will begin shooting Friday night and run through the weekend finishing Sunday night. Footage, stills and production notes will be viewable soon.

:: SYDNEY (February 09) -- THIS IS BIG !!! After a chance meeting with business partners Zig Parker (Producer) and Peter Kirk (Director) from The Inspire Agency (the team behind Mirrah's music video, 'Space'), a Short Film project for Festival release was born. The script, which remains untitled, has been written & production is underway already. Filming will go ahead around mid March. It will be Elliott's & girlfriend Annalisa's first independent project together & hopefully more will follow with a sucessfull run on this film.

:: SYDNEY (February 09) -- Elliott & his girlfriend Annalisa have been looking at filming their own project. If nothing is going to present itself to them, then the best way is to create your own work!

:: SYDNEY (January 09) -- Elliott was involved as support cast in a music video for 'Mirrah', an international Hip Hop artist based here in Sydney.

:: SYDNEY (November 08) -- Elliott will be busy shooting a short film called "A Choice of Breaking" for the International Film School, Sydney this month. If the filming goes well it may be submitted for festivals next year. "It's great to finish the 2008 acting year with this short film".

:: LOS ANGELES (12 September, 08) -- Elliott attended a night out at an event with One Event Management. It was the Annual Tom Arnold Celebrity Roast, in this case Steve Tisch. It was held in the Crystal Ballroom at the Beverly Hills Hotel.